Original SEO post writing for beginners

Writing an original SEO post can be really tough especially if you are a newbie or if the topic is something you have never ever heard of. Contrary to popular belief, it actually takes a while because you have to research and you are the one to decide on how and what you will write. Here are a few tips then for beginners in original SEO post writing.

1. Make your topic seem interesting

SEOIf you are a beginner, you do not have the power to choose the topics on which you are going to write about. However, you can choose on what ways you are going to tackle it. If you are going to make it a little unexpected, then it would be really interesting and can really catch the reader’s attention. For example, if you are asked to write something about space travel or technology, instead of going for the usual science and facts, how about dealing with aliens and UFOs? It is something that has always bugged every human being so you can be sure to have a wider range of audience than just science geeks and techno maniacs.

2. Use a catchy title

Whether you write your title first or do it last, make sure that it is creative and thoughtful. It is the first thing the audience reads, so it should really grab their attention and make them want to click that link.

3. Make the audience want to read some more

In your introduction or in your first paragraph, let the audience have a taste of what they are about to read. However, do not let them have all of it. Naughtily make them crave for more by inserting interesting questions or striking statements. Make it brief but full of impact.

4. Discuss your ideas creatively

Make your points of discussion be brief and straight to the point, then creatively expound on it further. Using short examples or anecdotes are two very good ways to explain things. You can also answer one at a time the questions you have asked earlier in your introduction, but you have to continually hold onto the readers’ eyes in order for them to read until the end. You can again ask some follow-up questions that can also be answered later on.

5. Think about your target audience

Are you writing to inform the general public? Or is it to sell some product? Are you writing for kids or for lawyers? Or is it for everyone? You have to know your target audience in order to incline your writing style for them. If you are writing for kids, then better use much simpler and easy to use words. Make your sentences short and your whole article light and easy to read. It is very different than when you are writing for lawyers in which you just might use some jargon in order to make your original SEO post seem credible. And if you are writing for the information of the public, then go for a more serious tone. Make it straight to the point and never use jargon. When selling a product, make sure to never mention any other brands except the one you are selling. Writing styles are different for every audience so make sure to keep them in mind.

6. Make the audience think back to what they read

Leave your audience with a conclusion that is full of impact. You can either strike a challenge or pose a question that will be retained in their minds for some time. Review your original SEO post for some errors and whether it really is something good to read. If you are satisfied, then just hope that your readers can appreciate it too.